Image of "Vétoi sótuke"
Song title
  • "vétoi sótuke"
  • English: Autumn Leaf
Uploaded November 24, 2013, with 240+ YouTube views, 130+ Niconico views, and 10+ SoundCloud views
  • Lystrialle (music, lyrics)
  • umbrellaguns (illustration)
  • zalas (mastering)


This song is featured on the album United Together Around UTAU. The lyrics are written in a conlang created by Lystrialle.


Conlang English (official translation)
at vétoi mi'yóte yu When autumn comes and
koya sótuke ke'vite red leaves wither
tég'elán mál klvéte yu I discard my past and
envé canán jyé'nate begin a new day

(somielán efi'váte...) (Forget the sins...)

míla'ea ka'ndáte The soul rests
somielán efi'váte Forget the sins

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