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Image of "UTAUloidの秘密はいかが? (UTAUloid no Himitsu wa Ikaga?)"
Song title
  • "UTAUloidの秘密はいかが?"
  • Romaji: UTAUloid no Himitsu wa Ikaga?
  • English: How About Secrets Of the UTAUloids?
Uploaded November 19, 2008, with 12,300+ Niconico views
  • nwp8861 (music, lyrics)
  • (image)



Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
「ハイ!」 "HAI!" "All right!"

言葉の 細胞を集め kotoba no saibou o atsume I was born
アナタの ニューロンに 火を灯すために anata no nyuuron ni hi o tomosu tame ni To collect the cells of words
ワタシは生まれた watashi wa umareta And light a fire to your neurons

アナタ ワタシ 秘密はいかがと anata watashi himitsu wa ikaga to You and me, how about a secret?
交わした合言葉は? kawashita aikotoba wa? What is the password we exchanged?

早くして 早くして hayaku shite hayaku shite Hurry up, hurry up
早くしないと アイツがくる hayaku shinai to aitsu ga kuru If you don't hurry, it's going to come


☆ドーリエ・モーン・P's PV
Featuring Kasane Teto, Nagone Mako, Momone Momo, Suiga Sora and Kasumiga Rubu
Producers ☆ドーリエ・モーン・P
Categories Fanmade PV

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