This producer is lacking a bio.

Toka Minatsuki (ミナツキトーカ Minatsuki Touka), also known as Pandolist-P (パンドリストP)


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn][yt][yt] "Kusari" (クサリ) Sukone Tei April 20, 2013 music, illustration
[nn][yt] "1st color" Yokune Ruko November 21, 2010
[nn][yt] "E.F.B ~Koukyuu no Hyouketsu~" (E.F.B~恒久の氷結~) Namine Ritsu October 12, 2009 music, lyrics
[nn][yt][yt] "Hodoketa Ribbon, Yureta Kokoro" (解けたリボン、揺れた心) Sukone Tei June 19, 2014 music, arrangement
[nn][yt] "Creuzer" Namine Ritsu Kire July 16, 2012 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "Subete no VOC@LOID ni Sensen Fukoku" (全てのVOC@LOIDに宣戦布告) Sukone Tei June 19, 2010
[nn][yt] "Ken'okan" (嫌悪感) Sukone Tei June 19, 2011
[nn][yt] "Sky Swimmer" (スカイスイマー) Kasane Teto April 1, 2013 music
[nn][yt] "Choir - Dedicated to BRAVEs -" Namine Ritsu October 12, 2013 music
[nn][yt][yt] "Ofuton Elegy" (オフトゥンエレジィ) Kasane Teto April 1, 2017 music, illustration

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