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  • "Tipsy Dessert"
Uploaded January 28, 2015, with 28,300+ Niconico views and 189,400+ YouTube views
  • KuensanP (music, lyrics))
  • AOSORA (illustration)
  • 塔馬 (special thanks)



Mandarin (中文) (繁體字) Pinyin (toneless) English (unofficial translation, originally by anonymous)
樹葉的空隙送來合奏的蟬鳴 shuye de kongxi song lai hezou de chan ming The ensemble of (insect) chirping brought by the opening in the leaves of the trees
像祝福我們小小的約定 xiang zhufu women xiaoxiao de yueding Like a blessing of our little arrangement
你微笑就像紅茶溫柔的香氣 ni weixiao jiu xiang hongcha wenrou de xiangqi Your smile is like the gentle scent of black tea
加速了風跟心跳的聲音 jiasule feng gen xintiao de shengyin The accelerating wind and the sound of heartbeats

烤爐裡酥香正在漸漸成型 kao lu li su xiang zhengzai jianjian chengxing In the oven, the smell of shortbread gradually forms
攪拌要均勻 jiaoban yao junyun The mixing must be even
不被香味勾引 bu bei xiangwei gouyin Do not be tempted by the scent
黃紅綠白四色 huang hong lü bai si se Yellow, red, green, white, these 4 colors
想要說的話 xiang yao shuo dehua The words that (I/you/we) want to say
都切成三角型 dou qie cheng sanjiao xing Are in the shape of a triangle
要是怕來不及聊完的話題 yaoshi pa laibuji liao wan de huati If fear does not have time for a bit of conversation,
就裝進餐盒裡 jiu zhuang jin can he li Then pretend to break into the (food) box

抬頭看是誰貪心 taitou kan shi shei tanxin Raise your head and see who is greedy
烤了可麗餅 kaole ke li bing Cooked crepe
在天空裡 zai tiankong li In the sky
小徑的終點是我們的秘密基地 xiao jing de zhongdian shi women de mimi jidi The small footpath leads to our secret base

下午的陽光照在抹茶色森林 xiawu de yangguang zhao zai mocha se senlin The sunshine of the afternoon shines on the matcha-colored forest
開始了我們小小的約定 kaishile women xiaoxiao de yueding Our little agreement has begun
夏天的微醺像你臉頰的標記 xiatian de wei xun xiang ni lianjia de biaoji The scent of summer slightly intoxicates, your cheeks become red
加速了風跟心跳的聲音 jiasule feng gen xintiao de shengyin The accelerating wind and the sound of heartbeats

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