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  • "Tide and Retide"
Uploaded July 18, 2012, with 370+ YouTube views


KitWistful's second original song featuring Sasayaki Nunnorü.


I do not endeavor to
follow such paths
and I cannot imagine
what comes if I can

I left my home out to sea
left you home all alone
They('ll) never catch me
as far as I ran

No no, they('ll) forget where I ran
And so, you'll forget that I am


The first day is colder than I had first thought
and I'm star-ved and hard-end and
stronger I know

so, who thought I'd make this?
I've gone and done all I've want
My heart is pure
Yeah, I've never sunk low

Gone are the days when I had despised you
and gone are the days when I had beat on myself
but I'm lost at the sea of such
luck and uncertainty
Drift to the stake
as the loneliest pawn

oh no, I can't do it again
It shows, I have had my judgement
Hey you, how has all of this been?
Hey there, do you see what I'm in?

I know
you know
I know
you know

I have been so harmed
Right here in my heart
now you know I know
I know

Oh things they must change
no matter, just don't stay the same
I cannot say what we have done or deserve

I cannot say or lie, I cannot deny
and so you and I fall apart
too proud to try

and so, they forget that I ran
although, it just happens again
I know, I will know what I said
Although, you forgot who I am

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