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Uploader: "Teto, congratulations on the confirmed appearance in DIVA!!! By the way how about this kind of game next?!"

ξ(*´∀`⊂彡☆))﹃ ʘ)) pow! [note 1]

This song has been featured on the album Sweets! and DRAMATIC MEMORY.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
(ダーリンダーリン) (daarin daarin) (Darling, darling)
You fell in love with me
憧れた あのお姫様 akogareta ano ohime-sama I've always longed to be that princess
少し違う?なんか違う? sukoshi chigau? nanka chigau? But this is a little different? Something's different?
らららららら♪ rararararara♪ Lalalalalala ♪
(ダーリンダーリン) (daarin daarin) (Darling, darling)
You fell in love with me
退屈なの逃げちゃうかも taikutsu na no nigechau kamo This is so boring, I might just run away
あなたの足で追いかけて anata no ashi de oikakete So chase after me with your own feet

ケーキみたい ふわふわして keeki mitai fuwafuwa shite A love fluffy as a cake
甘いだけじゃダメなのよ amai dake ja dame na no yo With nothing but a sweet taste is not enough for me
苦いショコラの気分なの nigai shokora no kibun na no I feel like having something as bitter as chocolate

紅茶だって 甘い香り koucha datte amai kaori Even with sweetly fragrant black tea
レモンの一つ欲しいわね remon no hitotsu hoshii wa ne I still want a lemon or two
コーヒーには もう懲りたの koohii ni wa mou korita no I've learned my lesson with coffee

『お姫様』なんて 私には合ってないし "ohime-sama" nante watashi ni wa attenaishi I don't fit the role of a "princess" anyway
さぁ手を取って デザートの時間になりました saa te o totte dezaato no jikan ni narimashita Come on, take my hand; it's time for dessert

(ダーリンダーリン) (daarin daarin) (Darling, darling)
You fell in love with me
揺れる派手なシャンデリア yureru hade na shanderia With a gorgeous chandelier dangling above
王子様がお姫様だけに ouji-sama ga ohime-sama dake ni The prince invites the princess
秘密のスイートパーティー himitsu no suiito paatii To his private sweet party
You fell in love with me
足りてるけど 足りないわ tariteru kedo tarinai wa It's enough, but it's not enough
甘さだけちょっとひかえてよね amasa dake chotto hikaete yo ne So don't make it too sweet

『お姫様』なんて私には退屈よ "ohime-sama" nante watashi ni wa taikutsu yo I'm tired of being a "princess"
本当はお花も 自分で摘みに行きたいのに hontou wa ohana mo jibun de tsumi ni ikitai no ni The truth is, I want to pick a flower for myself

(ダーリンダーリン) (daarin daarin) (Darling, darling)

I fell in love with you
あなたの甘い 甘い魔法 anata no amai amai mahou Your sweet, sweet magic
大好きなショートケーキだって daisuki na shootokeeki datte Is my favorite shortcake
more more strawberries!
I fell in love with you
甘いだけじゃ疲れちゃう amai dake ja tsukarechau I'd grow tired if there was only sweetness
少しは私も sukoshi wa watashi mo So, you know!
ねぇ! nee! Let me spoil you
甘えさせて amaesasete Just a little


  1. Original:
    うp主 「テトDIVA出演決定おめでとう!!!ところで次はこういうゲームどうですかね!?」

    ξ(*´∀`⊂彡☆))﹃ ʘ)) パァン!!

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