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  • "Sweet Mint Chocolate"
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We tried to save you, but you just weren't listening...


A bright world for all to be
Created by us Goddess three
Our power we wanted to share
New lives we wanted to bear

At the start it all went fine
Love for all and peace did shine
But then they all began to chance
Our Creation wasn’t the same

Hate each other
Fight each other
Is that all they do?
People dying
Children crying
All their pain
They have themselves
To blame

Fires scorch the land
As a war rampages
The sins of fallen soldiers
It’s our mint chocolate!
Tried to help but now
It’s much too late for it
Hear them scream and cry it’s such
Sweet mint chocolate

We’ve had enough of them
So when
The clock winds down
It’s over with!

Seeing all the life I gave
Being tainted and depraved
Wanting to save all I see
Yet hating them for using me

Now, every time they way our names
It’s just a war cry used in vain
Every time we tried to help
They put our kindness on a shelf

Hate each other
Fight each other
Yes, that’s all they do!
Now they’re dying
And come crying
To us but we are
Through helping them
For good

See them drown in floods
The weary and the sick
Trying just to survive
It’s our mint chocolate!
Place the blame on us
But we won’t fall for it
Those angry screams and yells they’re our
Sweet mint chocolate

It’s so amazing that
Our time could be wasted
Despite the simple fact that
Our time is infinite
When they all die we won’t
Feel any loss from it
Cause now their suffering is our
Sweet mint chocolate

Shame that it has come to this
But let them revel in their folly
Wish there was something we could do
But we won’t waste more energy
They’ve proved to us they don’t care
Their selfishness is astonishing
Let’s watch closely now and see
Just how destructive they can be!

Looks like
Time is up~

Mountains crumble down
Society’s in a fit!
The darkness in their hearts
It’s our mint chocolate!
Tried to help but now
It’s much too late for it
Hear them scream and cry it’s such
Sweet mint chocolate

It’s our mint chocolate!
Such sweet mint chocolate
We tried to save you but
You just weren’t listening
Hear you scream and die it’s such
Sweet mint chocolate

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