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  • "Story of a Spinster"
Uploaded November 7, 2015, with 190+ YouTube views


The lyrics are based off the poem Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy, which in turn is based off of the character Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' novel, Great Expectations.


Hate Lust Depression Rejection TIME IS LOST
SIHT DID OHW rorriM ekaC efinK gniddeW lieV
Spinster Old Ugly Unwanted Unloved WILL YOU BE MINE
TSOL SI EMIT noitcejeR noisserpeD tsuL etaH
Veil Wedding Knife Cake Mirror WHO DID THIS
ENIM EB UOY LLIW devolnU detnanU ylgU dlO retssnipS

Maybe I should get over it
Maybe I should get over them
Left to rot and be forgotten
Maybe I should stab it 'till death do us part

Blue wires keep the energy flowing through my body
and Crimson red hate courses through my veins
I'm alone now
I'm scared now
But I'm not holding back any reins

I scratch and scratch to get rid of this itch
I still crave your touch
Poison on my lips
People point me out and see I'm a mess

Let me be
Can't you see
I'm not free from it just yet
Just yet

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