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This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
なんでもない nandemo nai It’s nothing

君に伝える声は kimi ni tsutaeru koe wa I wish to tell you with my own voice,
息を止めたまま iki o tometa mama but it’s still being choked up,
日々に紛れて遥か hibi ni magirete haruka while the story is falling into a distant dream
夢に落ちてくストーリー yume ni ochite yuku sutoorii lost among the mundane everyday.
あーでもない aa demo nai It’s neither this,
こーでもない koo demo nai nor that

夢が覚めてもすぐに yume ga samete mo sugu ni Even when I wake up from a dream,
息を止めたまま iki o tometa mama I’d want to tell you immediately, with my own voice,

なんでもない nandemo nai (It's nothing)

君に伝えたい声は kimi ni tsutaetai koe wa but it’s still being choked up,
胸を引き裂いて mune o hikisaite and the pain tears my heart apart.

なんでもない nandemo nai It’s nothing
日々を繰り返すため hibi o kurikaesu tame Thus the story will turn into words
なんでもない nandemo nai (It's nothing)
言葉に変えてくストーリー kotoba ni kaete yuku sutoorii for the days to continue on.

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