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  • "Sorrow Of Parting"
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TeaTimeP's first UTAU original.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Damesukekun)
ひとりきりの夜 hitorikiri no yoru I was alone at night
窓辺に座って madobe ni suwatte I was sitting by the window,
星を見上げて hoshi o miagete looking up at the stars
夜と戯れてた yoru to tawamureteta and playing with the night

ひとりきりの部屋 hitorikiri no heya I'm alone in the room
ふたり分の家具 futaribun no kagu there are furniture for two
でも私には demo watashi ni wa but it's too
広すぎるの hirosugiru no ample for me
「何でかな?」 "nande kana?" "How so?"

つないだ手を tsunaida te o Never let go
いつまでも itsumade mo of our holding hands
離さないでいて hanasanaide ite forever, please
約束したの yakusoku shita no We made the promise
ちゃんと守ってよ chanto mamotte yo keep it, please

最後まで saigo made I wanted to keep smiling
笑っていたかったよ waratteitakatta yo till the very end
君にもっと kimi ni motto I want you
笑ってほしいよ waratte hoshii yo to smile more
いつまでも itsumade mo I wanted to stay
隣にいたかったよ tonari ni itakatta yo by your side forever
だけど dakedo But even so
そっと頬を伝う雫 sotto hoho o tsutau shizuku drops run my cheeks gently

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