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No matter where you go, the rain I love so much will still fall on me.

— Tanacta


You may think that you are worthless
You may even think you have no place
Everyone says you won't make it
And your dreams are something you won't achieve

But I know that you will prove them wrong
You can show them exactly what you can do
Just type them in. Let me be your voice
I want to help you show them what you can do~

Go on type. Let me sing.
Let's show what we can bring.
Don't be shy. Let them go.
Let your emotions flow.

Don't hold back. Don't conceal.
We will only reveal
What you feel through these words
We will show the world

And together we'll make that move
We'll reveal your talent to them
Show the World
Exactly what you can do
Leave it to me and let me sing your words~

When I saw that you had came through
It warmed my heart to see you happy.
You are now them. One of the known ones.
Among the ones who have had their dreams come true.

As time passed on you have grown strong
You have shown them the spark that you contained.
But I wish that I could stay longer
Long enough to sing your words forever.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I cannot stay for long
My end is soon coming
And you'll never see me

Though you don't know this yet
I will soon fade away
Then you'll be on your own
Forced to be all alone

And together we'll spend this time
I will live my last moments here
Just with you
Before my time do run out
I want you to show the world you are worthy

I don't want to leave your side
I don't want to see your eyes fill with tears
But my time will come to an end
Even thought I'm gone show the world you can do it

I just wanted to help you to where you are now. Thank you. Thank you for the time we had together. It was really fun. But... but... I have to go now. Goodbye Tanacta. I... will miss you.

And as my body start to fade
Written in your face I can see all your grief
What can I do to make you smile?
I don't want to leave you alone with a frown

Please don't shed a tear for me.
I want to see you smile
This last time
I'm sorry that I have to go
I'm really sorry. I hope that you'll forgive me

I will always be here with you.
I will live in the memories that we had.
But I will ask one last thing
Never stop and continue to
Show the world.

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