Police Piccadilly (ポリスピカデリー) is a fairly new producer who made their debut on Niconico Video in September 2015 with an original song featuring the CeVIO ONE. Their first UTAU original, "Aimaisa Kaihi", proved popular and currently has over 100,000+ views on Niconico alone.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn][yt] "Aimaisa Kaihi" (曖昧さ回避) Yamine Renri January 19, 2016 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "Cynic" Yamine Renri April 19, 2016 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "Sugar Guitar" Yamine Renri August 23, 2016 music, lyrics
[nn][yt] "Nerve Impulse" (ナーヴ・インパルス) Yamine Renri February 22, 2017 music

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