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Let’s Party Party!

Happy 5th birthday, Sukone Tei! [note 1]

This song has been featured on the album Party Party.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
とびっきりのお洒落をして tobikkiri no oshare o shite I’m gonna wear my finest clothes
キラキラに輝くの kirakira ni kagayaku no and let myself shine like a star.
新しい扉開けて atarashii tobira akete Opening the brand new door
新しいボクに yeh yeh yeh atarashii boku ni yeh yeh yeh will be a brand new me, yeh yeh yeh.

歌ってさ 踊ってさ 飛び跳ねてさ utatte sa odotte sa tobihanete sa Come on, sing, dance, jump!
みんなで フロアを 揺らしちゃおう minna de furoa o yurashichaou Let us rock the dance floor!
Liven up. Hands up. sway to the music. Liven up. Hands up. sway to the music. Liven up. Hands up. sway to the music.
Let's Party Party Let's Party Party Let's Party Party


  1. Original: "Let's Party Party!!


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