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  • "PaperFace"
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  • DystoP (music, lyrics, illustration)


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i'm not a lonely girl
i'm just kind of quiet
i don't have much to say
so i sit and listen

they call me shy
but i guess i like people
this isn't really my fault
i just don't like talking

they think something's wrong
that i should be loud
and as outgoing as them
that's not who i am

a paper face.
a quiet girl who'd rather listen
a paper face.
someone you don't see
but yes, i am here

i sit there every day
they're calling me names
ignoring what they say
but inside it's hurting

i've done nothing wrong
so why did they all choose
to pick on me now
maybe someday they'll stop

a paper face.
a girl who is hiding
pretend to be nothing
a paper face.
i guess i pretend
but i really am

i'll die..
i'll die!

a paper face.
a worthless girl
who'll never speak up and
a paper face.
behind a facade
i will hide all my tears

a paper face.
a quiet girl who'll never fit in here
a paper face.
someone you don't see
someone who's gone

then they came to me

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