Oyamano Mayo (小山乃舞世) is the voice provider of Kasane Teto. She often makes illustrations for the songs of others, but she also writes lyrics. The most popular song to feature her pictures is "Yoshiwara Lament", which has over one million views on Niconico Video and has almost one million views on the official YouTube upload.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn][yt][yt] "Yoshiwara Lament" (吉原ラメント) Kasane Teto July 20, 2012 video, illustration, tuning
[nn][yt][yt] "Nekosogi-Matter-Bop" (ネコソギマターバップ) Kasane Teto October 23, 2015 vocalist
[nn][yt] "Inochi Mijikashi Koiseyo Otome" (命短し恋せよ乙女) Kasane Teto October 6, 2012 illustration, movie
[nn] "Sayonara no Mabataki" (サヨナラの瞬き) Kasane Teto April 6, 2009 illustration
[nn][yt] "Dear you From U" Momone Momo, Kasane Teto and Utane Uta December 27, 2009 lyrics, chorus
[nn] "Hoshiyomi End Lover" (星詠みエンドラヴァー) Kasane Teto November 30, 2012 video, illustration, tuning
[nn][yt] "Dennou Shoujo wa Utahime no Yume wo Miru ka?" (電脳少女は歌姫の夢を見るか?) Kasane Teto October 24, 2014 illustration, movie
[nn] "Saikyou Tetto Teto Keikaku" (最強テットテト計画) Kasane Teto March 30, 2009 lyrics, illustration
[nn][yt][yt] "Yosugara Japanesque" (終夜ジャパネスク) Kasane Teto August 8, 2013 illustration
[nn][yt] "Mukashigatari" (ムカシガタリ) Kasane Teto January 8, 2015 illustration, movie
[nn][yt] "Sweets!" Kasane Teto October 10, 2011 lyrics, logotype
[nn][yt] "Ano Koro" (あの頃) Kasane Teto March 9, 2009 music, lyrics, illustration
[nn][yt][yt] "Ikebukuro Tasogare Nightclub" (池袋黄昏ナイトクラブ) Kasane Teto March 28, 2013 illustration, movie
[nn][yt] "Tetotan! 2010" (テトたん!2010) Kasane Teto March 31, 2010 lyrics
[nn] "Koakuma Chimera" (小悪魔chimera) Kasane Teto February 14, 2011 spoken lines
[nn][yt] "Dennou Shoujo wa Utahime no Yume wo Miru ka?" (電脳少女は歌姫の夢を見るか?) Kasane Teto October 24, 2014 illustration, movie
[nn][yt] "Zombie Discotheque" (ゾンビ・ディスコティーク) Kasane Teto August 28, 2014 illustration, movie
[nn][yt] "Tawagoto" (戯言) Kasane Teto December 15, 2015 movie
[nn][yt] "Shanghai Lover" (上海ラヴァー) Kasane Teto September 26, 2014 illustration, movie

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