This producer is lacking a bio.

NamahageP (なまはげP), also known as Hoiru (ほいる)


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn][yt] "Yamete Yaru yo Utaite Nanka" (辞めてやるよ歌い手なんか) Kasane Teto March 10, 2010
[nn][yt] "Yaru Yaru Sagi" (やるやる詐欺) Kasane Teto October 8, 2010
[nn][yt] "Doushite Kou Natta www" (どうしてこうなったwww) Kasane Teto March 18, 2010
[nn][yt] "Omae no Yome Daro, Nantoka Shiro!!" (お前の嫁だろ、何とかしろ!!) Kasane Teto April 5, 2010
[nn][yt] "Soutai Hyouka" (相対評価) Kasane Teto August 6, 2010

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