This producer is lacking a bio.

NOB, also called MadaoP (まだおP),


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn][pp] "Merry X'mas for me" Kasane Teto December 18, 2010 music, lyrics
[nn] "Sora no Oto" (ソらノオト) Amaha Sora May 15, 2011 music, lyrics, video
[nn][pp] "Setsuna" (セツナ) Kasane Teto May 23, 2010 music, lyrics, movie
[nn][yt][pp] "(ΦωΦ)" ((ΦωΦ)) Kasane Teto April 1, 2013 music, lyrics, movie
[nn] "てくてく" Momone Momo May 22, 2011

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