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Image of "Muñeca de Cuerda"
Song title
  • "Muñeca de Cuerda "
  • English: String Doll
Uploaded April 17, 2010, with 2,100+ YouTube views



Spanish (Español) English (official translation)
Usa muñeca sola y con anhelo de tu querer A doll, alone and yearning for your love
tu querer your love

Contemplado en un rincón desolado Contemplating in a desolated corner
una sonrisa de una cara de porcelana a smile of a porcelain face
ojos de esmeralda que te hablan emerald eyes that talk to you
y una soz susurra encantos simples and a voice whispering simple enchantments
y un cuerpo dormido en el sueño de ayer and a body sleeping in yesterday's dream
de ayer from yesterday

Si me das cuerda alomejor me revivas If you wind me up, maybe you'll revive me


Lentamente la música se va Slowly the music fades away
y solo se oye la llave rotar and you only hear the key rotating
suavemente como tu respirar slowly as you're breathing
el eco se oye lejos the echo can be heard from far away
y esta muñeca cerro los ojos and this doll closed her eyes
siento tu sombra, en mi corazón I feel your shadow, in my heart

Me quedaré dormida I will stay asleep
para ti for you

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