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  • "lmao bye"
Uploaded February 28, 2016, with 830+ YouTube views


After a few days of finalizing some drafts I got this done! This was a really old song I made last year with Macne Nana english, but it was only a minute and half long and the lyrics were really half-assed. My friend brought up that fact and i decided to at least extend it, so here is the finished product!

— mishamoonkun


I saw you knocking on my door

I felt you pounding on my heart to stay, even though I'm already gone

I told you I was packed to go, but I guess you forgot me...

"lmao bye"

I heard you found somebody new

I felt like I was the only body you had become accustomed to.

I told you I was packed to go, but I forgot to press send...

"lmao bye"

I'm all past this since yesteryear

ain't none of my future's business but my past is still devoted

that's it for now, unless you feel like screwin' around again

already got one kid I can't take care of

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