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Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
月曜 降りしきる雨 getsuyou furishikiru ame Monday, the rain pours down incessantly
浮かない顔ひとつ ukanai kao hitotsu In my room is a gloomy face
隣で眠るあなたと tonari de nemuru anata to My monologue reverberates
反響する独り言 hankyou suru hitorigoto With you sleeping by my side

笑顔も見え透いた嘘も egao mo miesuita uso mo I still remember everything
覚えてるよ 全部 oboeteru yo zenbu Your smile and your obvious lies
無意識 頭を撫でた muishiki atama wo nadeta And the moments you stroked my head out of habit
時間はゆっくり進む jikan wa yukkuri susumu Slowly, time passes by

気付かないふりして過ごした日々さえ kizukanai furishite sugoshita hibi sae Even the days we spent together when we pretended not to notice anything
今はかけがえのない宝物 ima wa kakegae no nai takaramono Are a precious treasure which no money can buy

ありがとうって言いかけた唇 arigatou tte iikaketa kuchibiru When my lips were on the verge of saying thank-you
遮ったのは私じゃなくて saegitta no wa watashi janakute I was not the one who interrupted myself
そう あなただった sou anata datta Yes, it was you
ずっとずっと傍にいて欲しいの zutto zutto soba ni ite hoshii no I want you to stay by my side forever and ever
優しい歌と少しの愛で私は満足するから yasashii uta to sukoshi no ai de watashi wa manzoku suru kara A gentle song and a little love is all that's needed to satisfy me

ずっとずっと傍にいてあげるよ zutto zutto soba ni ite ageru yo I will stay by your side forever and ever
強がりだってわがままだって tsuyogari datte wagamama datte And I will listen to everything you say
聞いてあげるから kiite ageru kara Even when you try to act tough, and even when you're selfish
夢に見てた幸せな日々は yume ni miteta shiawase na hibi wa There's no guarantee
不確かだけど futashika dakedo The time we have together will be as happy as in my dream
今ここにあって ima koko ni atte But it's here, now
ふたりの手で握りしめてる futari no te de nigirishimeteru And we are holding on to it with both our hands
いつまでもあなたと一緒に itsumade mo anata to issho ni Forever, you and me


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