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  • "innocence"
Uploaded March 3, 2016, with 2,700+ SoundCloud views


A song written for Momo's Day 2016.[1]


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
窓の向こう mado no mukou Beyond the window

白い手に慣れたフリでまばたく shiroi te ni nareta furi de mabataku I blink, pretending as if I’m no stranger to that milky hand

足を止めるほど響く声は青と想定 ashi o tomeru hodo hibiku koe wa ao to soutei Thinking to myself that the voice echoing to the point one’d stop in one’s track must be blue

意味の無い言葉を塗り潰して imi no nai kotoba o nuritsubushite Covering up all those meaningless words

ため息もやめるから夢を見せて tameiki mo yameru kara yume o misete I promise I’ll stop heaving these sighs, so let me dream


  1. @nakano_4: 桃音モモの日おめでとう曲スライディング投稿2016 "innocence"

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