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  • "if"
Uploaded October 10, 2015, with 1,800+ SoundCloud views


A song written for Teto Day 2015.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
ゆるい風 yurui kaze A gentle breeze
日が暮れて hi ga kurete The sun is setting
寒いくらい samui kurai The orange color,
褪せたオレンジが aseta orenji ga so faded it turned cold,
黒い空 kuroi sora is disappearing
消えてく kieteku into the inky sky.

ここにいるよ koko ni iru yo I’m right here

重ねて夢の中で響くif kasanete yume no naka de hibiku if An "if" echoing over and over again in my dreams
音を立てて解いた夜が oto o tatete hodoita yo ga The night that raveled with an audible sound has yielded to daybreak
明けて見つけた窓の光 akete mitsuketa mado no hikari I’ve found the light beyond the window
窓の光 mado no hikari The light beyond the window

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