Fuyou Rokka (浮揚六花) is the producer behind Sekka Yufu.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[nn] "Aimai Orange" (あいまいオレンジ) Sekka Yufu March 16, 2011 lyrics, illustration
[nn] "Zutto Fuyu Dattara Ii no ni" (ずっと冬だったらいいのに) Sekka Yufu July 31, 2009 lyrics, illustration
[nn] "Bidakuon no Uta" (鼻濁音のうた) Sekka Yufu December 6, 2008 music, lyrics
[nn] "Mimimoto ni, Sotto" (みみもとに、そっと) Sekka Yufu October 25, 2011 music, lyrics
[nn] "Twilight in Fluorite" (トワイライト・イン・フローライト) Sekka Yufu October 25, 2012 music, lyrics

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