This producer is lacking a bio.

Danto (弾人)


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[sc][nn][yt] "Happy Summer End" (ハッピーサマーエンド) Matsudappoiyo September 9, 2014
[sc][nn] "Mae no Hanashi" (前の話) Matsudappoiyo April 17, 2014
[sc][nn][yt] "question" Matsudappoiyo March 28, 2014
[nn][sc][→][bb] "connotation of october" Makine Honori October 15, 2014
[sc][nn][→][yt] "midnight apathy" (ミッドナイト・アパシー) Matsudappoiyo June 18, 2014
[sc][nn] "Shinkirou" (蜃気楼) Matsudappoiyo May 29, 2014
[sc][yt] "seventh tune" (セブンスチューン) Asane Bou November 16, 2015

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