Crusher-P is a producer who makes original VOCALOID and UTAU songs. She is the voice provider of the chipspeech Daisy, UTAU Elliade and Watase Maki. In the VOCALOID fandom, Crusher-P is most well-known for creating the hit GUMI song ECHO with Circus-P.


Links Title Vocalists Date Roles
[yt][nn] "Bi☣hazard" Kikyuune Aiko July 10, 2014 music, lyrics, illustration
[yt][nn] "Breaking Point" Kikyuune Aiko July 11, 2011 lyrics, music
[yt] "Understanding Rain" Elliade February 8, 2012
[yt] "Endless" Elliade August 26, 2010 music, lyrics, illustration
[yt] "Essentia" Ham December 9, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt] "Cloudy Days" Watase Maki November 2, 2010 illustration
[yt] "Autumn" Sumine Aya October 21, 2010
[yt][nn] "Stained Glass Heart" Namida October 23, 2010 music
[yt] "Sentou" (戦闘) Watase Yomiko November 22, 2010 music, lyrics, illustration
[yt] "Winter" Namida January 22, 2011

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