Song title
  • "CHANGE"
Uploaded August 27, 2015, with 3,800+ SoundCloud views


This song has been featured on the album 「Animal UTAU Juni Ginkuro」.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (official translation)
戻らない思い出 modoranai omoide Memories won't return
刺してるだらけの偽りは変わらない sashiteru darake no itsuwari wa kawaranai and the lies that stab you never change
夢のない街の真ん中で目をあけてよ yume no nai machi no mannaka de me o akete yo Escape from this dreamless city
逃げてて忘れだけよ nigetete wasure dake yo Open your eyes and forget it all

世界が痛いなら sekai ga itai nara if the world is painful
誰もないのなら dare mo nai no nara if there's no one around
笑って泣いて憎んで waratte naite sakende laugh, cry, scream out
果てのない日まで hate no nai hi made until the neverending day
繰り返して kurikaeshite let it repeat

世界が残酷て sekai ga zankokute the world is cruel
泣いて叫べばいい友 naite sakebeba ii tomo so it's ok to cry out, friend
見てごらん mitegoran look now
変わらないのは自分でしょう kawaranai no wa jibun deshou what refuses to change is yourself

世界が痛いなら sekai ga itai nara if the world hurts
誰もないのなら dare mo nai no nara if there's no one around
変わって傷つけて kawatte kizutsukete laugh and pain yourself
虚ろの空に utsuro no sora ni and raise your voice
声を上げろ koe o agero towards the empty sky
人生はそう言うものなのさ jinsei wa sou iu mono na no sa that's what life is all about

空に見を上げて sora ni mi o agete look to the sky
街の嘘を受けて machi no uso o ukete accept the city's lies
落ちて叫んで ochite sakende fall and scream
手を伸ばして羽を te o nobashite hane o reach out your hand
空に広げて sora ni hirogete and stretch your wings to the sky
飛び出せ tobidase fly away
この街は君に閉じ込めの前 kono machi wa kimi ni tojikome no mae before this city traps you in
繰り返し kurikaeshi let it repeat

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