Image of "Butthurt"
Song title
  • "Butthurt"
Uploaded July 16, 2010, with 260+ Niconico views and 7,200+ YouTube views
  • JadeLaunders (music, lyrics)
  • lionessJenna (illustration)


Buttnose's YouTube account almost got banned, thus she's suffering from severe butthurt and shame.


Sorry Mama,
I look so bad
Sorry Papa,
You are sad
I wish that
I could change me
But I hide behind my mask

I am worried
About the people
I feel hurried
I'm feeble
But I try hard
Through the black days
My mind gives me so much pain

I am sorry
I'm just butthurt
Now I really feel the shame
Someone tried to ban my YouTube
And that is just super lame

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