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Although August's sky was blue… [note 1]


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
陽炎が、町を包む 夏の景色 kagerou ga, machi o tsutsumu natsu no keshiki The shimmering hot air envelops the whole town in its cloak. A summer scenery.
八月の青空を そっと hachigatsu no aozora o sotto Quietly. The blue sky of August.
君と外で遊んでた この夏を kimi to soto de asondeta kono natsu o This summer, where we had fun together outside…
僕と君で出かけてた あの夏は boku to kimi de dekaketeta ano natsu wa That summer, where we went places together…

この空は kono sora wa This sky
青すぎて aosugite is too blue.
あの日とは ano hi to wa It’s almost completely different
まるで別の… marude betsu no… from that day…

陽炎に、包まれた この世界が kagerou ni, tsutsumareta kono sekai ga This world, enveloped in the shimmering hot air.
変わって行くこの空に kawatte yuku kono sora ni In the ever changing sky
ノイズ、鳴る noizu, naru rings the noise.

君がいた kimi ga ita This town,
この町は kono machi wa where you used to be,
大きな音と共に ookina oto to tomo ni is changing,
変わり kawari along with the loud noise.
君を奪う kimi o ubau Taking you from me.

轟きと todoroki to In the town that burns
焼ける町で yakeru machi de with the thundering noise,
8月に 君は hachigatsu ni kimi wa on that day
あの日 ano hi in August,
殺された korosareta you were killed.


  1. Original: "8月の空は青かったけど..."

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