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  • "All About Me Please"
Uploaded August 29, 2009, with 3,200+ YouTube views and 260+ Niconico views


wow, what a selfish title, what a selfish song, what a selfish everything! How unlike Camila ^^; but every now and then one wants to be selfish even though their problems don't compare at all to the gravity of what other people have to go through.

— Yesi-chan


Locked inside these four walls
even though it's by choice
Everything outside is
out of my control

Don't want to try to
understand the whole wide world
No one tries to
understand me anymore

I don't plan to make
any sense anymore
Don't care about the
problems outside my door

Why must I respect
if no one ever respects me
It's too hard to be nice
to the jerks in this world

Never, never, nooo
never gonna change
Never, never, nooo
Why must I change
'cause you said so?

At this time my problems
seem to grave for their weight
Even though some people
struggle every day

I just want to be the
center without complain
I don't kill myself
'cause I'm afraid to survive!!!

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