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'when answer is found and curtains fall down, after this all, is it what I get?'

— DoNotCrossP


I wanted to forget it, but that wound in my heart won’t let me even try
A protagonist of tragic novel will surely die, it is just question of time

“It’s ok, I’m all right” – a set of everyday lies to repeat
My wish to turn back time will never die and I just can’t fight it
My actions, my thoughts and feelings
I fill them with sense and so I live

Is it real? Can it be? Who is it? Is it you? What’s going on?
You must be kidding me! I feel so dizzy and sick from this all
Not your eyes, not your voice, not you
I shall fight again to prove it’s true

I have some questions, you have some answers
Just tell me one thing: how high is price?
If it is your game, I’m eager to play
But if I win, will I want that prize?
To chase the truth even though it’s painful
No time to suffer, I have to go
A protagonist of tragic novel
There’s no doubt, I am the best to play this role

I can’t tell day from night because everything is dyed in scarlet
(Another day, another dead body is found)
I must go, I must fight, but I feel so lonely, so I just can’t
(A story repeating like an aftersound)
But I shall play to the very end
Just to look into your eyes for a moment

Forget it all like a wicked nightmare
But I just don’t want, and so I can’t
When answer is found and curtains fall down
After this all, is that what I get?
The web of lies that you spun so neatly
I feel your presence
I know you’re here
A protagonist of tragic novel
End of the story? How can it be?

Everything was planned, everything was known
I was the only one who was blind
A tragic here, pathetic hero
No matter what comes, he is destined to

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