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  • "Afterstory - the miracle"
Uploaded July 2, 2011, with 1,100+ YouTube views


Scared like idk. So worried. After more months of work... THE SEQUEL.

— DoNotCrossP

The sequel to Afterfact: the name.


The night, the moon, my soundless steps
A cloud of breath in the freezing air,
A cry, a dart, the blood on my hands,
A bit of panic, a slight despair

My days are now a mash
Of tears, and bleach, and blood
How many lives I took
Before I lost the count?

“Do you believe in miracles?”
I keep asking my mind
I heard a question once in my dream,
Still I cannot decide

A plan, a scheme, imitated act
A scary sharp shadow on the wall
A pain, a fear, my freezing bed
Cannot protect me from cruel world.

It’s you, it’s you, but why are you here?
What can it mean, I don’t understand?
You know! You know! You know everything!
A bit of panic, a trembling hand.

Don’t hug me so warmly
Don’t try to protect me
I don’t believe in it
Miracles don’t exist

Why can’t I feel your warming breath?
Why is the world so cold?
Don’t look at me so accusingly,
It’s not my fault!

I do believe in miracles!
Yes, now I understand!
Miracle was your life that I took away
With my own hands

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