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  • "A Reason To Remember Why"
Uploaded April 14, 2013, with 360+ YouTube views
  • LetyVoice


A song about being separated from someone you care for.


Sympathy Melody for your hollow heart
They don't see that you are a bright and shining star
Silently you're crying within a glass jar
If I could I would break their hurtful words apart

Sing away all the pain that they make you face
Even when your fragile glass breaks apart
I will peace all the reasons you have to shine
as I warm your cold hands from all their cold lies

Remember when you would say that
life couldn't be how you wanted
right than and there I gave you a reason
to hold on

Holding onto your sound reason
until came another season
when you needed even more reason
to remember why

So what was it I said to you long ago?
If I could I would break their hurtful words apart
But even than their words would be in their heart
just like if they broke mine, you'd still be in my heart

Not enough, just too much, I can't stop the pain
you're crying, not so loud, but I can see it
Once again you pretend that you're over it
Yet you stand all alone without a warm hand

Repairing the glass that haunts you
all the while with a smile
you begin to separate
my cold hand from yours

Holding onto your own reason
and yet came another season
when I needed even more reason
to remember

Why that season? Why a reason? Why remember?
Why was I there? Was there even
somebody remembering me?

Staring at my cold reflection
I called out with all my heart
But was it a lie when you said
you'd be there for me as well?

and yet
I feel so cold
I wait for you

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