Image of "21時 (21-ji)"
Song title
  • "21時"
  • Romaji: Niijuuichi-ji
  • English: 21:00
Uploaded October 18, 2013, with 10,600+ Niconico views and 520+ piapro views
  • nakano4 (music, lyrics)
  • Rossi (movie)


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
回る態度を余す風 mawaru taido o amasu kaze The wind is avoiding the path of the constantly changing attitude.
交わす信号 気付いて kawasu shingou kizuite Look, the lights have changed.
暮れる心臓 乾く喧噪 kureru shinzou kawaku kensou My heart is growing gloomy. The noises are growing dry.
帰りを 待ち 眠る kaeri o machi nemuru I fall asleep as I wait for your return.

踊り出す 回路 odoridasu kairo My circuit has gone haywire.
砕け出す 体温 kudakedasu taion My temperature has turned erratic.

だけど 流れるだけの 日々を dakedo nagareru dake no hibi o But in the days that simply flow by,

君の手が kimi no te ga your hand,
冷めないまま samenai mama always so warm,
掴んでくれるの tsukande kureru no would grasp hold of mine.
その手で sono te de With your hand.

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