Image of "重音テト tries to sing a short fairy tale (Kasane Teto tries to sing a short fairy tale)"
Song title
  • "重音テト tries to sing a short fairy tale"
  • English: Kasane Teto tries to sing a short fairy tale
Uploaded August 13, 2008, with 7,200+ Niconico views


A narrative song written in English.

Preceding versionsEdit

Translation I tried to make a song in the style of PC-98 era game music in VOPM
Producers nwp8861
An instrumental version of the song.


Once upon a time, there was a girl with red hair.
She was singing and wandering alone.
She had so lovely voice,
and when she started to sing,
many people were healed by her songs.

She sang songs around the electric world.
Stories about a place we've never seen.
But a boy yelled suddenly
"She is not a girl! Her silhouette is same as chimera"

Her tears became "binary flood"
and they sank every lying emotion in the net.
Now she is gone. and nobody knows this tale
except for her name, Kasane Teto.


テトさんとKAITO君のa short fairy tale
Translation Teto-san and KAITO-kun's 'a short fairy tale'
Featuring Kasane Teto and KAITO
Producers Yaita Sake
Categories UTAU cover; VOCALOID cover; MMD PV
Kasane Teto English's Cover
Featuring Kasane Teto
Producers tajkey
Categories UTAU cover
Utane Uta's Cover
Featuring Utane Uta
Producers Umbreon126
Categories UTAU cover

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