Image of "蜃気楼 (Shinkirou)/Danto"
Song title
  • "蜃気楼"
  • Romaji: Shinkirou
  • English: Mirage
Uploaded May 29, 2014, with 1,800+ SoundCloud views and 3,600+ Niconico views


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by midnightapathy)
そっと手を開いて 君に背を向けた sotto te o hiraite kimi ni se o muketa Softly opening my hand, I turned my back to you
呼びかける声はずっと遠く聞こえた yobikakeru koe wa zutto tooku kikoeta I’ve always heard that voice calling out in the distance

冷めた足跡 思い出せない その想いもきっと消えていくんだ sameta ashiato omoidasenai sono omoi mo kitto kiete yuku nda I can’t remember the chilled traces, since those feelings have disappeared for sure too

いつか交わした言葉も時効だと決めきって itsuka kawashita kotoba mo jikou da to kime kitte As for the exchanged words of some day and even the limits of time,
さながら無視をするように君の視線を避け続けた sanagara mushi o suru you ni kimi no shisen o sake tsuzuketa I decisively ignored them, as if avoiding your gaze
ああ、こんなに辛いのに aa, konna ni tsurai no ni Ah, even though it’s this painful

君の想いは蜃気楼 見通せないそのすがた kimi no omoi wa shinkirou mitousenai sono sugata Your feelings are a mirage; I can’t see through that facade
僕の想いと蜃気楼 ゆらり 揺れて目をつむる boku no omoi to shinkirou yurari yurete me o tsumuru My feelings are a mirage too; wavering, I turn away, closing my eyes

ららりら rararira La la li la

「どうもお久しぶり」その言葉が似合う "doumo o hisashiburi" sono kotoba ga niau “Hello, it’s been a while” Those words are fitting
意外そうな顔がすぐに浮かぶ様「どうして」 igaisouna kao ga sugu ni ukabu you "doushite" A somehow surprised expression seems to surface instantly; “What should I do?”

足掻いた痕も 焦がした胸も やがて長い時と共に癒えていく agaita ato mo kogashita mune mo yagate nagai toki to tomo ni iete iku The scratched marks, the scorched chest too, will eventually heal after a long time has passed

誰かの顔や言葉の忘れ方を知った dareka no kao ya kotoba no wasurekata o shitta I knew how to forget someone’s expressions and words
すべて捨ててしまう その時 覚えていられるだろうか subete sutete shimau sono toki oboete irareru darou ka I should just throw everything away; at that time, I’ll be able to remember your name,
君の名前を kimi no namae o won't I?

君の想いは蜃気楼 届かない手を伸ばす kimi no omoi wa shinkirou todokanai te o nobasu Your feelings are a mirage; I stretch out a hand that can’t reach
僕の想いと蜃気楼 ふらり 消えて恋を知る boku no omoi to shinkirou furari kiete koi o shiru My feelings are a mirage too; I know this casually disappearing love

ららりら rararira La la li la

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