Image of "秘密の物語 (Himitsu no Monogatari)"
Song title
  • "秘密の物語"
  • Romaji: Himitsu no Monogatari
  • English: Secret Story
Uploaded November 5, 2009, with 1,900+ Niconico views
  • TeaTimeP (music, lyrics)
  • Matari (illustration)


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
もし忘れた頃にあの頃の私が moshi wasureta koro ni ano koro no watashi ga If myself from back then could send me a wonderful magic
素敵な魔法を届けてくれたなら suteki na mahou o todokete kureta nara Around the time I've forgotten about it

何しようか?なんてちょっと迷ってみたり nani shiyou ka? nante chotto mayotte mitari What shall I do? Or so I entertain myself with that though
でも、そんなことだけ考えてるわけじゃない demo, sonna koto dake kangaeteru wake janai But it's not like that's all I'm thinking about

お伽話にも存在しない otogibanashi ni mo sonzai shinai I want a secret story belonging only to me
私だけの秘密の物語 watashi dake no himitsu no monogatari Which doesn't exist in any fairytale

夢を見て 夢を見て yume o mite yume o mite Dreaming, dreaming
どこまででも行けると信じて doko made demo yukeru to shinjite I believe that I can go wherever I want
夢を見て 夢を見て yume o mite yume o mite Dreaming, dreaming
いつの日にも私だけの物語を itsu no hi ni mo watashi dake no monogatari o I hope someday, I will have a story belonging only to me

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