Image of "石碑 (Sekihi)"
Song title
  • "石碑"
  • Romaji: Sekihi
  • English: Tombstone
Uploaded July 12, 2009, with 114,500+ Niconico views


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Damesukekun)
消える言葉 kieru kotoba A dying word
朝焼けに乗り asayake ni nori rides on the morning glow
まだ覚えていた mada oboete ita I can still remember
欠片(かけら)と、向こうに kakera to, mukou ni the broken fragments
白い雲が shiroi kumo ga The white cloud
鮮やかになり azayaka ni nari gains color
目の前の今が me no mae no ima ga This very moment before me
瞼の奥に mabuta no oku ni is now inside my eyelids

(のこされたわたしは、どうすればいいの?) (nokosareta watashi wa, dousureba ii no?) (What should I do, left behind on my own?)
(もう、あえないだなんて・・・) (mou, aenai da nante...) (Why is it, that I can't see you anymore...)

消えない跡 kienai ato The fadeless mark
在りし日の情景 arishi hi no joukei and scenes from old days
道を彩(あやど)った michi o ayado tta Your smile which was like the sunlight
陽射しのように hizashi no you ni that gave brightness to the road
目を閉じても me o tojite mo and appeared ever again
焼け付いた笑み yaketsuita emi even when I closed my eyes
もう一度見せて mou ichido misete Show it to me once more,
こんなはずじゃ無くて konna hazu janakute it shouldn't have been like this

今からならそこへ ima kara nara soko e I feel like I can catch up to you
追いつける気がして oitsukeru kigashite if I act right now
駆け出す私を kakedasu watashi o Please forgive me
許してください yurushite kudasai who is rushing up to you
同じ場所へ行って onaji basho e itte I'll go to the same place you are now
同じように私も・・・ onaji you ni watashi mo... so that, I, too...

(いてくれるだけで) (itekureru dake de) (All I wished for)
(ただ) (tada) (was just)
(いてくれるだけで、よかったのに) (itekureru dake de, yokatta no ni) (to be by your side)
(どうして) (doushite) (Then why)
(いってしまったんだろう) (itteshimattan darou) (have you gone by yourself?)
(どうして・・・) (doushite...) (Why...)

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