Image of "生命の唄 (Inochi no Uta)"
Song title
  • "生命の唄"
  • Romaji: Inochi no Uta
  • English: Song of Life
Uploaded May 9, 2011, with 1,100+ Niconico views


meme here. I tweeted that "I'm going to make a song about breasts", so I did.
It's short.
I made this seriously....
So go ahead, laugh as much as you want.

Starting today, May 9, 2011... I've become "DakishimeruP (EmbracingP)"...!! (´///`)
[note 1]

DakishimeruP's fifth UTAU original.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by hakei1211)
生まれた未来が umareta mirai ga The future that was born
産声が上げる ubugoe ga ageru Lets out the first cry of a newborn
宝石のような涙を零して houseki no you na namida o koboshite It shed tears that seemed like jewels

ずっと待っていた zutto matte ita I've waited all this time
温もりに抱かれ nukumori ni dakare To be embraced by the warmth
君はこれから kimi wa kore kara You are, from now on,
生きてゆくんだよ ikite yukun da yo Living

おっぱい oppai Breast
おっぱい oppai Breast
まだ命が広がる mada inochi ga hirogaru Life is still spreading
おっぱい oppai Breast
おっぱい oppai Breast
宇宙を包み uchuu o tsutsumi It cradles the universe
未来を繋ぐ mirai o tsunagu And connects the future


  1. Original:

    平成23年5月9日(月)今日から私 「抱き締めるP」に…なる…!!(´///`)

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