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Song title
  • "君とティータイム"
  • Romaji: Kimi to Tii Taimu
  • English: Tea Time with You
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This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
今日はおやすみ 青空、風と踊る洗濯物 kyou wa oyasumi aozora, kaze to odoru sentaku-mono It's time to say good night for today, the laundry is dancing with the wind in the blue sky
茶碗洗いは任せていいかな? こっそり抜け出して chawan arai wa makasete ii kana? kossori nukedashite Can you wash the dishes for me? I'm going to slip away
自動販売機 迷わず冷たい缶をふたつ jidou hanbaiki mayowazu tsumetai kan o futatsu And pick up two cold cans from the vending machine, without hesitation
お気に入りのカップ、 ピンクとオレンジどこだっけ? oki ni iri no kappu, pinku to orenji doko dakke? Where did we put our favorite pink and orange cups again?

泡だらけの手(振り返る) awa darake no te (furikaeru) With my hands full of bubbles (I turn back)
ほほえむ君に 「休憩しようか?」 hohoemu kimi ni "kyuukei shiyou ka?" I ask as I see you smile, "Shall we take a break?"

午前10時のミルクティー gozen juuji no miruku tii Milk tea at 10 in the morning
またそれなの?って 君の笑う声 mata sore na no? tte kimi no warau koe That again? You laugh
「好きなんだもん、仕方ないじゃない」 "suki nan da mon, shikata nai janai" "But I love it, what can I do about it?"
そっけない振り 君とティータイム sokkenai furi kimi to tii taimu I pretend to act offended, tea time with you

ノートをめくる音が さっきから止まってる nooto o mekuru oto ga sakki kara tomatteru The sound of your fingers turning your notebook has stopped for a while
あと20分 おやつの時間はもう少し先だよ ato nijuuppun oyatsu no jikan wa mou sukoshi saki da yo There's still another 20 minutes, it's not time for snacks yet
買っておいたケーキ 喜んでくれるかなわくわく katte oita keeki yorokonde kureru kana wakuwaku I wonder if you'd be happy about the cake I bought before hand
ぱちり、目が合って 真っ赤に染まった君の顔 pachiri, me ga atte makka ni somatta kimi no kao Suddenly, our eyes met and your face turned bright red

「ずっと見てたの?」(あと10分) "zutto miteta no?" (ato juuppun) "Have you been looking at me all this time?" (10 more minutes to go)
仕方ないね 「休憩しましょ?」 shikata nai ne "kyuukei shimasho?" There's nothing else we can do then, "Shall we take a break?"

午後3時のアップルティー gogo sanji no appuru tii Apple tea at 3 in the afternoon
あなたのほっぺと 同じ色かしら anata no hoppeto onaji iro kashira Will it be the same color as your cheeks?
「…好きなんだもん、仕方ないじゃない」 "...suki nan da mon, shikata nai janai" "...But I love it, what else can I do?"
膨らんだ頬 あなたとティータイム fukuranda hoo anata to tii taimu Your cheeks are puffed up, tea time with you

午後10時のカフェラッテ gogo juuji no kafe ratte Cafe au lait at 10 in the evening
「まだ起きてるの?」と あなたの眠い声 "mada okiteru no?" to anata no nemui koe "Are you still awake?" in your sleepy voice
ふかふかベットでおやすみなさい fukafuka betto de oyasuminasai On the fluffy bed, good night
「いい夢を」 ささやく甘い声 "ii yume o" sasayaku amai koe "Sweet dreams", you whisper with a sweet voice

明日は何かな? ashita wa nani kana? What shall we have tomorrow?
君とティータイム kimi to tii taimu Tea time with you

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