This song's lyrics or PV may contain questionable content (possible suicide references).
Image of "向こう側のきみへ (Mukougawa no Kimi e)"
Song title
  • "向こう側のきみへ"
  • Romaji: Mukougawa no Kimi e
  • English: To You on the Other Side
Uploaded May 20, 2016, with 630+ Niconico views


I didn't want to say farewell. [note 1]

Kotora's fourth UTAU original.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
涙が出そうな午前2時 namida ga desou na gozen niji It’s 2 in the morning, and I feel like crying.
聞き慣れた声がして kikinareta koe ga shite I felt like I could hear a familiar voice,
履き潰したスニーカー hakitsubushita suniikaa and in haste, I put on my worn-out sneakers
履いて外へ飛び出して haite soto e tobidashite and rushed out of the house.

君がそこで笑っていたような気がしたんだ kimi ga soko de waratte ita you na ki ga shitan da I had the feeling you were there smiling.
なんて馬鹿げた幻 でも足が止まらない nante bakageta maboroshi demo ashi ga tomaranai What a silly vision, but my legs won't stop moving.

君の声を追いかけて走る kimi no koe o oikakete hashiru I’m running, chasing after your voice.
「ここにいるよ」 “koko ni iru yo” “I’m right here”—
そう聞こえた 気がしたんだ sou kikoeta kigashitan da I felt like I could hear you say.

涙をどうにか飲み込んで namida o dounika nomikonde Somehow, I managed to hold back my tears
階段を上っていく kaidan o nobotte yuku as I climb up the stairs.
夢かほんとうかわからない yume ka hontou ka wakaranai I don’t know if I’m dreaming up all this,
それでも走っている soredemo hashitte iru but still, I can’t stop running.

息が苦しくなっても iki ga kurushiku nattemo Even when I start breathing heavily,
速度は変えずに sokudo wa kaezu ni I can’t allow myself to slow down.
君のもとへ 急がなきゃ kimi no moto e isoganakya I've got to hurry to where you are.

最後の一段を上る saigo no ichidan o noboru I’ve gotten to the top of the stairs,
鍵の開いたドア kagi no aita doa and found the locked door open.
その向こうに sono mukou ni And beyond that…

君が笑う フェンスの向こうで kimi ga warau fensu no mukou de You are smiling on the other side of the fence.
「泣き虫だね」 “nakimushi da ne” “You’re such a crybaby.”
ずっと 会いたかった でも zutto aitakatta demo I’ve wanted to see you all this time, but…
「さようなら」 “sayounara” “Farewell.”
残ったのは 君の靴 nokotta no wa kimi no kutsu All that’s left are your shoes.


  1. Original: "さようならなんてしたくなかった。"

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