Image of "冬空の果てに (Fuyuzora no Hate ni)"
Song title
  • "冬空の果てに"
  • Romaji: Fuyuzora no Hate ni
  • English: At the End of the Winter Sky
Uploaded January 24, 2009, with 970+ Niconico views


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
真っ白な光の粒が masshiro na hikari no tsubu ga The droplets of the pure white light
雪に融けて霧になるよ yuki ni tokete kiri ni naru yo Will melt into the snow and turn into mist
甘い雲は姿変えて amai kumo wa sugata kaete Will the sweet clouds change their shapes
いつか雪になるのでしょう itsuka yuki ni naru no deshou And become snow someday?
湖の氷に積もる mizuumi no koori ni tsumoru I tried leaving my footsteps
雪に足跡付けてみた yuki ni ashiato tsukete mita On the snow piling up on the icy surface of the lake
私の声は冬空の風に溶けて消えていくの watashi no koe wa fuyuzora no kaze ni tokete kiete iku no My voice is melting into the wind of the winter sky and fading away
雪の中で 見つけた yuki no naka de mitsuketa Holding tightly the tiny fragments of myself
小さな私の欠片抱きしめながら chiisana watashi no kakera dakishime nagara That I found in the snow
今 私いくよ ima watashi iku yo I'm going now
please don't forget me...
雪が融けてこの冬が終わっても yuki ga tokete kono fuyu ga owatte mo Even when the snow melts and winter is over
私、ソラから君を見ている watashi, SORA kara kimi wo mite iru I will be watching over you from the sky

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