Image of "信号で二人出会った (Shingou de Futari Deatta)"
Song title
  • "信号で二人出会った"
  • Romaji: Shingou de Futari Deatta
  • English: The Two Met at the Traffic Light
Uploaded November 20, 2012, with 590+ Niconico views and 5,000+ YouTube views
  • EmpathP (music, lyrics)
  • Fyukue (illustration)


A song about two people who wreck into each other in an automobile accident. This song has been featured on the album Fables of Farewell.


Singer + Color
Hatsune MikuBoth

Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (official translation)
頭の中の世界に atama no naka no sekai ni I'm falling down
僕は落ちていく boku wa ochite yuku Into that world inside my head
手の届かない光は te no todokanai hikari wa And that light beyond my reach
優しく呼び出して yasashiku yobidashite Is gently calling me

その動かない体は sono ugokanai karada wa That unmoving body
赤を塗っている aka o nutteiru Is painted in red
運命が僕らをつないだ? unmei ga bokura o tsunaida? Are our fates to be entwined?
この場所を去ったよ kono basho o satte yo As we leave this place

お願い止めて onegai yamete Please stop it
止めて。。。 (止めて。。。) yamete... (yamete...) Stop it... (Stop it...)
止めて! yamete! Stop it!

なぜこれが僕に起こっているの? naze kore ga boku ni okotteiru no? Why is this happening to me?

あなたの胸から anata no mune kara From your chest
きれいなバラが咲く kireina bara ga saku A beautiful rose blooms

痛いよ (痛いよ) itai yo (itai yo) It hurts (It hurts)
怖いよ kowai yo I'm scared
悲しいよ (悲しいよ) kanashii yo (kanashii yo) It's sad (It's sad)
悔しいよ kuyashii yo I'm so frustrated
止めて (止めて) yamete (yamete) Stop it (Stop it)
どうして? doushite? How come?

自分の名前を知らないなんて jibun no namae o shiranai nante I don't even know your name
あなたの隣で 僕は anata no tonari de boku wa Beside you, I am
もうー回息をつく mou ikkai iki o tsuku Taking one more breath
もうー回息をつく mou ikkai iki o tsuku Taking one more breath

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