Image of "一足歩行 (Issoku Hokou)"
Song title
  • "一足歩行"
  • Romaji: Issoku Hokou
  • English: Walking on One Foot
Uploaded January 30, 2015, with 43,900+ Niconico views


I can't walk [note 1]

Harufuri's 19th original song.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
面食らって泣いた menkuratte naita In confusion, I cried.
接地面は無いぜ secchimen wa nai ze There’s no contact area.
線を引いて終了 sen o hiite shuuryou Draw a line, and that’s it.
そんな線は無いぜ sonna sen wa nai ze Dude, there’s no such line.
変に生きてるんだ hen ni ikiteru nda I live the life of a freak.
皆変って言うんだ mina hen tte iu nda Everyone says I’m a freak.
変に見えてるんだ hen ni mieteru nda I look like a freak.
偏に見ているんだ hen ni miteiru nda Everywhere I look, it’s oblique.

今日の午後が消えて kyou no gogo ga kiete I’ve lost the whole afternoon today.
ツイた運は大凶 tsuita un wa daikyou The horoscope said I’d get super bad luck.
注意力は散漫 chuuiryoku wa sanman I can’t focus on anything right now.
飛び込んだ空中 tobikonda kuuchuu Into the air, I jumped.
何にも写らないな nannimo utsuranai na I don’t see anything.
何にも解らないな nannimo wakaranai na I don’t understand anything.
僕はどう映ってんだ boku wa dou utsutte nda How do I appear to others?
どうにも映らないか dou ni mo utsuranai ka Guess I don’t appear in any way.

災害の見舞いをしている saigai no mimai o shite iru I’m paying a hospital visit.
振る舞いを繕う furumai o tsukurou Gotta make sure I act normal.
幸いも蹴り飛ばせば禍 saiwai mo keri tobaseba wazawai Fortune is only a “mis” away from misfortune.
掻き毟っている kakimushitte iru It’s clawing at my heart.

「サイケ頑張って」って言うかい? "saike ganbatte" tte iu kai? “Good luck running your freak show,” you said?
異彩に遍生混ぜて isai ni hensei mazete But my mind can’t wrap around this confused hybrid
融解出来ない僕の心境 yuukai dekinai boku no shinkyou of exceptionality and irrationality.
歩けないや一足歩行 arukenaiya issoku hokou I can’t walk on just one foot.
勝手に放り出した業と katte ni horidashita gouto I’m constantly plagued with the gloom
身勝手に捨てられない migatte ni suterarenai of being tormented by the work I’ve irresponsibly abandoned
痛覚に苛まれては暗然 tsuukaku ni sainamarete wa anzen and a sense of pain I can’t just throw out.
歩けない arukenai I can’t walk.


Mizore's Cover
Featuring Mizore
Producers Manatsu (mixing)
Categories Cover
aidivn's Cover
Featuring aidivn
Categories Cover


  1. Original: "歩けないや"

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