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Song title
  • "ハッピーライフ"
  • Romaji: Happii Raifu
  • English: Happy Life
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This song is lacking a detailed background.

Pray for a happy life.
I was thinking that in the midst of endless tense days, one should feel at ease even for a little bit. [note 1]


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
暗い夜 ひとりぼっち kurai yoru hitoribocchi On a dark night all alone by yourself
心震えるのなら kokoro furueru no nara If your heart trembles
見上げて 夜空の月の向こう miagete yozora no tsuki no mukou Then look up beyond the moon on the night sky
見守る幾千の星を mimamoru ikusen no hoshi o At the thousands of stars watching over us

寒い朝 寄り添いあって samui asa yorisoiatte Nestling close together on a cold morning
誰か護るのなら dareka mamoru no nara If you want to protect someone
踏みしめて その地の続く先 fumishimete sono chi no tsuzuku saki Then step firmly where the land continues
支える幾億の思いを sasaeru ikuoku no omoi o And keep in your heart the millions of thoughts supporting you

君がいるんだって kimi ga iru n datte You are here
僕がいるんだって boku ga iru n datte And I am here
ほらまだ終わりじゃないんだよ hora mada owari janai nda yo Look, it's not the end yet

心触れあって kokoro fureatte Touching our hearts
ちょっとスマイル 笑いあって chotto sumairu waraiatte Smile a little together
To say hello someday 僕ら To say hello someday bokura To say hello someday you and me

何度も 君想うよ nando mo kimi omou yo I will think of you over and over again
くだらない話 つぶやきながら さあ kudaranai hanashi tsubuyaki nagara saa As I mutter to myself our silly anecdotes, you know
夜空に ただ願うよ yozora ni tada negau yo And I'll just make a wish to the night sky
不安な思いだって fuan na omoi datte So that my worries
吹き飛ばすように fukitobasu you ni Will be blown away
願うよ僕と君の negau yo boku to kimi no I will make a wish for you and me
そう、ハッピーライフ sou, happii raifu Yes, for a happy life


  1. Original:
    Pray for a happy life.

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