Image of "スリープオード (Sleep Ode)"
Song title
  • "スリープオード"
  • Romaji: Suriipu Oodo
  • English: Sleep Ode
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Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
言葉を閉ざす秒針と kotoba o tozasu byoushin to Hands of the clock that block out all words,
そのイメージが溶かした水色 sono imeeji ga tokashita mizuiro and a light blue dissolved in that image.
いつまで重ねていく街が itsumade kasaneteku machi ga Until when shall these layers upon layers of towns
この水面に映せるだろう kono minamo ni utsuseru darou still find themselves reflected on this water surface?

意味を望んだ私に imi o nozonda watashi ni Wishing as I do for a meaning,
選ぶ感情なんてもう無かったんだ erabu kanjou nante mou nakattan da I no longer had the emotions needed to make a choice.
鼓動を貫く聴き慣れたノイズも kodou o tsuranuku kikinareta noizu mo Neither was there anything left of the familiar noise that persisted with my heartbeat.

日々を染めゆく台詞は hibi o some yuku serifu wa The words giving colors to the days going by
絡む繊細にグレーな深層へ karamu sensai ni guree na shinsou e are sinking to the gray depths as they delicately entwine,
群がる破片が消えてく夜に muragaru hahen ga kieteku yoru ni on a night when the clutters of broken shards are vanishing.

深い眠りを fukai nemuri o The darkness that grants me
あたえる闇 触れる痛み ataeru yami fureru itami the solace of a deep slumber. The pain upon contact.
差し伸べた 価値観を sashinobeta kachikan o The sense of values being held out for me.
伝う記憶と tsutau kioku to Memories that carry over.
変わり果てたこの物語を kawarihateta kono monogatari o And this story that’s changed beyond recognition.

答えが滲んだ期待も kotae ga nijinda kitai mo Too well have I already known
それが幻想だってもうわかったんだ sore ga gensou da tte mou wakattan da that the hope for a dab of the answer is but an illusion.
焼きつく心地と耳鳴りに笑って yakitsuku kokochi to miminari ni waratte And thus I laugh, at this scorching sensation, and this buzzing in my ears.

息を繋いで探した iki o tsunaide sagashita Simple was the train of thought
思考回路なんて簡単だったんだ shikou kairo nante kantan dattan da I sought out as I went on breathing.
かすかに残った夢の甘さを kasuka ni nokotta yume no amasa o Faintly lingering is the sweetness of a dream.

深い眠りを fukai nemuri o Whenever I may grant
叶える度 いつか塞ぎ kanaeru tabi itsuka fusagi the solace of a deep slumber, I’d then remember
語れなくなった 存在を katarenaku natta sonzai o the presence I once blocked out and could no longer talk about.
まだ映るあなたと mada utsuru anata to And thus I’m falling into the lost levels,
失った階層へ落ちていくの ushinatta kaisou e ochite iku no with you, while your image is still here.

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