Image of "コドモインザランドオブアイオーン (Kodomo in the Land of Aeon)"
Song title
  • "コドモインザランドオブアイオーン"
  • Romaji: Kodomo In za Rando obu Aioon
  • English: Children In the Land of Aeon
Uploaded June 26, 2010, with 4,000+ Niconico views


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
今思い出すよ ima omoidasu yo I'm going to remember it now
また失うの mata ushinau no And I'm going to lose it again
ほら動き出すよ hora ugokidasu yo Look, it's begun to move
見えないフリしてただけの時計が mienai furi shiteta dake no tokei ga The clock I simply pretended not to see
溜め込んだセメント色の tomekonda semento iro no Is going to spit out the tears it kept inside
涙を吐き出すよ namida o hakidasu yo In the color of cement

楽しいね コドモゴッコ tanoshii ne KODOMO GOKKO "It's so much fun, pretending to be kids"
楽しかったね コドモゴッコ tanoshikatta ne KODOMO GOKKO "It was so much fun, pretending to be kids"

夜開いてくよ yoru hiraiteku yo The night is opening up
まだ気づかないの mada kizukanai no Don't you notice it yet?
隙間あいてるよ sukima aiteru yo A gap is opening
切り取ったはずの余りがはみ出る kiritotta hazu no amari ga hamideru The remnant I thought I already tore off is jutting out
透き通ったガラスみたい sukitotta garasu mitai Like transparent glass
奥まで丸見えで oku made marumie de I can see all the way to the inside

コドモゴッコ KODOMO GOKKO "Pretend to be kids"
(インザランドオブアイオーン) (in za rando obu aioon) (In the land of aeon)

コドモゴッコ KODOMO GOKKO "Pretend to be kids"
(インザランドオブアイオーン) (in za rando obu aioon) (In the land of aeon)

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