Image of "インベーダー (Invader)"
Song title
  • "インベーダー"
  • Romaji: Inbeedaa
  • English: Invader
Uploaded August 8, 2014, with 3,400+ Niconico views and 2,100+ YouTube views
  • goemon (music, arrangement, lyrics)
  • Amano (illustration)


This song is lacking a detailed background.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
僕がいま 君がいた boku ga ima kimi ga ita Just now. I saw you.
そこで見たんだ 今見るから そう soko de mitan da ima miru kara sou There. Where you were. I’ll look now. That’s right.
僕等 きっと 夢にみた bokura kitto yume ni mita I know. The words we dreamed of.
言葉 きっと 叶えられるよ kotoba kitto kanae rareru yo I know. We can make them come true.
ああ 僕が見た 君の手が aa boku ga mita kimi no te ga Your hands. That I saw.
消えてゆく 僕が汚した kiete yuku boku ga yogoshita Are fading away. I dirtied them.

冷めた目の 神様が sameta me no kamisama ga If God. In all his apathy.
見捨てたら 必要無いさ misute tara hitsuyou nai sa Abandons me. Then I’m no longer needed.
それならば きえてゆく sore naraba kiete yuku In that case. This is it.
ぼくじしんが これで boku jishin ga kore de I’m fading away. Myself.

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