Image of "アシムトート (Asymptote)"
Song title
  • "アシムトート"
  • Romaji: Ashimutooto
  • English: Asymptote
Uploaded June 13, 2014, with 10,900+ Niconico views and 580+ SoundCloud views


I hope against all hope. [note 1]


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
浮かぶ音も 揺れる想いも ukabu oto mo yureru omoi mo All the surfacing sounds and wavering emotions
また零れる この手から mata koboreru kono te kara are once again spilling out of these very hands of mine.

すぐそこに 遠く遥かに sugu soko ni tooku haruka ni It’s right there, yet it’s also infinitely far away.
触れられない 滲む灯り furerarenai nijimu akari That light, blurring as it burns, is completely out of my reach.

この眼に映せはしないんだ kono me ni utsuse wa shinain da I can’t see it with these eyes;
この手に掴めはしないんだ kono te ni tsukame wa shinain da I can’t grasp it with these hands;
それでもただ願っているんだ soredemo tada negatte irun da and still, I simply hope against all hope

光を… hikari o… for the light…
光が 君に射すように hikari ga kimi ni sasu you ni for the light to shine upon you.


  1. Original: "願っているんだ。"

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