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Image of "いないいない、 (Inai Inai,)"
Song title
  • "いないいない、"
  • Romaji: Inai Inai,
  • English: You're gone, you're gone,
Uploaded December 31, 2010, with 13,100+ Niconico views and 600+ piapro views



This song has been featured on the compilation album Singing In The Snow feat. Sekka Yufu.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
とても寒い 冬の朝に totemo samui fuyu no asa ni On an extremely cold winter morning
雪の音がして 目が覚めたの yuki no oto ga shite me ga sameta no I wake up to the sound of the snow

君のくれた ふとんを出ると kimi no kureta futon o deru to When I get out of the mattress you gave me
温かいご飯と 僕ひとり atatakai gohan to boku hitori There was just me and the warm breakfast

ねぇ これ昔 流行った遊び? nee kore mukashi hayatta asobi? Say, is this some prank that used to be popular back in the day?
もう 隠れたって 驚かないよ mou kakureta tte odorokanai yo I won't be surprised, no matter how much you hide

しょうがないな ちょっと 寒いけれど shouganai na chotto samui keredo Oh well, it's kind of cold
どこまででも 探しに行くよ doko made demo sagashi ni yuku yo But I will look for you, no matter how far I have to go

明日 残った足跡を ashita nokotta ashiato o Tomorrow, even if I lose sight
見失っても miushinatte mo Of the footprints you left behind
きっと どんな暗い夜も kitto donna kurai yoru mo I know I will find you
見つけてみせるから mitsukete miseru kara No matter how dark the night might become

いつか しまったキャンバスを itsuka shimatta kyanbasu o If you still remember
覚えているなら oboete iru nara The canvas you once put away
あの日みたいに また僕を ano hi mitai ni mata boku o I wonder if you'll draw me again
描いてくれるかな egaite kureru kana Like you did that day

いつの間にか 眠ってたみたい itsu no manika nemutteta mitai Looks like I've fallen asleep somewhere along the line
夢見たのは 懐かしいぬくもり yume mita no wa natsukashii nukumori I dreamed of your nostalgic warmth

昔 二人遊んでは mukashi futari asonde wa In the past, we used to play together
笑っていたのに waratte ita noni And we used to laugh together
今 触れる君はなんで ima fureru kimi wa nande But now, when I touch you
泣いているのかな naite iru no kana How come you cry?

ああ 僕に出来ることは aa boku ni dekiru koto wa Ahh, there isn't anything
少しも無いけれど sukoshi mo nai keredo I can do
とっておきの 変な顔 totteoki no hen na kao But here's the weird face I've been saving
笑ってくれるかな waratte kureru kana I hope it'll make you smile


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