Image of "「ありがとう」 ("Arigatou")"
Song title
  • "「ありがとう」"
  • Romaji: "Arigatou"
  • English: "Thank You"
Uploaded March 29, 2010, with 1,600+ Niconico views


otousound's sixth UTAU original.


Japanese (日本語) Romaji English (unofficial translation, originally by Hazuki no Yume)
本当は、君と出会う前に hontou wa, kimi to deau mae ni The truth is, before I met you
僕の恋は終わっていた boku no koi wa owatte ita My love had already ended
片思いだったけど kataomoi datta kedo Though it was just a one-sided love

夢中にさせ 貢がせる muchuu ni sase mitsugaseru She infatuated me, and she made me work to support her
ありえないくらいの arienai kurai no She was unbelievably young
若さと 美しさ wakasa to utsukushisa And unbelievably beautiful
その女性(ひと)は sono hito wa Her name
「音楽」 "ongaku" Is "music"

思いを胸に ギター抱えたまま omoi o mune ni gitaa kakaeta mama That day, I couldn't do anything
何も出来ずに nani mo dekizu ni Except for standing still in my track
立ち尽くした あの日 tachitsukushita ano hi With the feelings in my heart and a guitar in hand

だからね、君と出会った時 dakara ne, kimi to deatta toki Which is why, when I met you
僕はとても冷めていた boku wa totemo samete ita My heart was frozen
そして意地悪だった soshite ijiwaru datta And I was completely mean

とても古い流行歌(はやりうた) totemo furui hayariuta I asked you to sing for me
聴かせてと せがんだ kikasete to seganda An extremely old song, a craze in the past
無理だよね テープもない muri da yo ne teepu mo nai But it's impossible, isn't it? It was never even recorded
忘れられた歌 wasurerareta uta That song is already forgotten

迷いもせず mayoi mo sezu And yet, you started singing
君は歌い出した kimi wa utaidashita Without any hesitation
とても元気な totemo genki na With an extremely cheerful voice
力に満ちた声で chikara ni michita koe de Filled with power
失くしたはずの nakushita hazu no The melody of my first love
初恋のメロディーが hatsukoi no merodii ga That I'm sure was lost
確かな響きで tashika na hibiki de Reverberated in the air with such a definite sound
空気を震わせてた kuuki wo furuwaseteta And made the air tremble

心の景色が kokoro no keshiki ga The scenery in my heart
廻りはじめた mawari hajimeta Has started to revolve
君となら その先へ kimi to nara sono saki e With you, I feel
行ける気がした ikeru kigashita That I may go to the next scene

永遠の片思い eien no kataomoi My first love was forever a one-sided love
届かない願い todokanai negai My wish will never be granted
憧れてた あの女性(ひと)が akogareteta ano hito ga The woman who was once my dream
そこにいた soko ni ita Was there

ありがとう ありがとう… arigatou arigatou… Thank you, thank you…
ありがとう ありがとう… arigatou arigatou… Thank you, thank you…

…本当にありがとう …hontou ni arigatou …Thank you, from the bottom of my heart

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